PM Prepcast – How To Prepare Your Project Management Exam

PM Prepcast or Project Management Prepcast is a video workshop with almost 140 lessons. It is a well presented video that you can smoothly and easily follow and study. You can watch it anywhere like your laptop or your phone or your tablet. It is convenient and accessible. You will have to buy it and a link will be sent to you and you can start reviewing.

PM Prepcast Details


How much does it cost?

An order of a PM Prepcast is around $179.99. It is inconceivably affordable for a high quality product.

What are the benefits that you can get from this?

  1. Study wherever you are.: As it is a recorded video, you can watch it wherever you are, whether you are in a coffee shop, at the school, on a bus or at the comforts of your home, just play it on your tablet or smart phone and you can watch it wholly.
  2. Recorded in English: English is the language used in the video. It is easy to understand and comprehend.
  3. You will most likely pass the Project Management Prepcast Exam

This will teach you almost anything that a project manager should know and it also shows real-life examples so you can be ready for the exam.

  1. You will learn a lot of techniques that could be read or seen in other textbooks or videos.
  2. Studying would not take much of your time as it is very handy.

As of now, there are 35,009 students who are using this. Studying has never been better before the development of the PM Prepcast.

What are the lessons covered?

  1. Introduction to Project Management Basics
  2. Project Influence and Life Cycle
  3. Processes, Process Groups and Knowledge Areas
  4. Project Integration Management
  5. Project Scope Management
  6. Project Time Management
  7. Project Cost Management
  8. Project Quality Management
  9. Project Human Resource Management
  10. Project Communications Management
  11. Project Risk Management
  12. Project Procurement Management
  13. Project Stakeholder Management
  14. Interviews with successful exam takers
  15. Agile Project Management
  16. Code of Ethics

All these lessons, with lots of subheadings under each module, will be taught and are available in the video. After watching, you will be well informed and ready for the exam to take place. To be able to watch the video properly, a highs speed internet connection is highly suggested so you can have the option to watch it in high resolution and view it better.

How can you watch the video?

  1. You can go to the link and watch it online, a strong internet connection is recommended
  2. You can download the video and watch it via iTunes.

There are convenient ways to access the video. You just have to know which medium you will use, if you will watch in on the iPad or an Android phone or just stream it online.

The video will supply you with the knowledge that you need for the exam. Once you have finished and studied the whole of it, your $179.99 had been in very good use and you are now ready to take and pass the exam.

See how this course can help your PMP exam here.

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