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What is PM PrepCast

The PMP exam is no easy task, even if you had months to prepare for it, with nothing else on your mind except the exam. But for those who have to balance work, family, friends and study for the exam at the same time, making it through seems a Herculean task. But before you give in to despair, be sure to check out the PM PrepCast, a study aid which is sure to help you ace your exam with or without time constraints.

The PM PrepCast if the invention of PMP Cornelius Fichtner who, having gone through the experience himself, decided to help other harried students with a series of video and audio lessons which have already helped thousands of students pass the PMP exam.

The PMP PrepCast is a complete study approach to the exam, which includes real world examples which force you to think, not memorize. And of course, the biggest advantage of the PrepCast is that you can study on the go, wherever your video player takes you. Just plug in your iPod while walking, eating, travelling etc. and guarantee that you don’t waste a minute of your precious time.

Other salient features include the use of simple English you can comprehend, applied PMP concepts, expert feedback as well as a complete understanding of earned value techniques. Things which are not covered in any book, but are still an important part of the PMP exam are also a part of the PrepCast, and all put together make a study aid you can find no substitute for.

See PM PrepCast for details.

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